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worthless ramblings.

I'm so frustrated with myself.
What's new? I think it's now official that I have lost all self-confidence. I had the perfect chance to get an "A" in math, but I blew it. I have a 90. A fucking 90.
And you know what the worst part is? Everyone rubs it in my face.
They go "o00ooo0 but that exam was SO easy, I have a 99 in that class".
Everyone,including myself, has such high standards fo me, and I'm starting to be unable to meet them, and it makes me feel so fucking bad. All I do is let down everyone.
And I want to write a fucking poem, but I cannot think straight. I hate that. I know exactly what I want to say, but I don't know how/don't have the balls to say it. UGHHHH.
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why do they have such high standards for you?

and what math are you taking?
I don't know why, actually :/
I'm in Algebra II


October 21 2001, 14:13:31 UTC 15 years ago

i hate people that post pictures
that was rude
well there ya go, i took them off.
grades ride in the wind
life's long lessons await us
worry not what today brings