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nerds fighting back's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
nerds fighting back

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4 hax0rs-how l33t are you?

[07 Oct 2001|07:21pm]

God makes losers on purpose.

how l33t are you?

[07 Oct 2001|07:15pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Autumn, my favourite season. When all of the dancing swine freeze their asses off waiting to get into nightclubs. Ah, a visual treat for the disenchanted.

how l33t are you?

[03 Oct 2001|10:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

is it wrong to enjoy flossing?

how l33t are you?

i feel the need to post here [03 Oct 2001|07:47pm]

deal with it.....

so wutsup guys? this community is kinda on its way to hell (and so am i according to diana... lying paves the road to hell remember?) annyywaayy see i dunno whats supposed to be posted up here cause im not gonna talk about my day cause that goes into my normal journal.... someone please assist me with some guidance but be cool and dont 'comment' on it just make another post...... but only if your cool if your not cool just post a comment and ill read it... *shifty eyes* when i have time ( i wont have time... on my list of priorities scratching my ass goes before checking the comments.... sorry uncool people youll live)


how l33t are you?

[27 Sep 2001|07:54pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]


how l33t are you?

wohho i can finally post here [27 Sep 2001|06:08pm]

after a lotta trying to figure out how to post here time being used i can!! thanks greg for showing me how BOOYA..... good yongtif to all.... lchaim... liyla tov..... shalom

2 hax0rs-how l33t are you?

[18 Sep 2001|09:55am]

waaah...all my communities are hopeless

2 hax0rs-how l33t are you?

[17 Sep 2001|04:32pm]

i just pray this does not become an utter flop like the cty community.

how l33t are you?

We need our mission statement [16 Sep 2001|03:31pm]

Somebody draft up a paragraph or two explaining what this riot nrrrd bizness is all about.

I gotta work on my English paper right now, so I'm opting out.

1 hax0r-how l33t are you?

Nrrrd revolution! [16 Sep 2001|12:37am]

With our own LiveJournal community, no one can stop us now!!!!

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